You won’t ever have had cleaner windows. We guarantee it. If necessary, we’ll return to touch up anything you’d like us to until you’re completely satisfied.

Our methods may take a little longer than those used by other companies, but that’s because we’re determined to get your windows as thoroughly clean as possible. Whenever possible, we get up close and personal with the window so we can check for any spots or streaks as we clean it. There are several tricks to employ to avoid streaks, and that’s difficult to do when a pole of any sort is used. When it comes to window cleaning you can’t take shortcuts for the sake of speed and get the same results.

Screens worn out? Call Oregon Screen Craft at 541-752-5459

Do you have insulated glass panes that have lost their seal and obstruct your view with that milky, spotty film? We’d be happy to replace the insulated glass panes. No need to replace the whole window.

Generally, when I arrive for an appointment, I count the windows and give you an exact price of what it will cost before I begin.  That way you can be comfortable and confident in our price and service.  I’m striving to win you as a long term client with my price and service.  If everything looks good, I’ll perform the service at that time.

Window cleaning is generally $10 / window for inside, outsides and screens.  This includes 1 story homes and basic 2 story homes (on flat ground). A “regular window cleaning”  gets all organic material off glass. We clean what you look through. (inside, outside and screen) You’ll be impressed.  Cleaning of tracks and frames is generally included unless they are extra dirty.  Frames are cleaned by our “pressure washing” service. Upon request razor blading a window is an additional $10 / window for paint removal and other construction cleanup.

If you send me a text or email and give me a number count of how many windows, sliding glass doors and a few pictures of any tricky windows you might have, I can usually give you a quote the same day.
If you have any other question please email me and/or send a photo and I’ll be glad to answer it for you.

Thanks for your interest. We will get back to you promptly!

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