The most important thing you can do to extend the life of your roof is to prevent moss proliferation. Moss rhizomes (root-like structures) extend underneath the shingle tabs and around the granules, holding moisture on the roof. As the moss grows, it actually begins to lift the shingle tabs as well as pries the granules loose. Once underneath the shingles, it is more difficult to eradicate since it is hidden from exposure to any treatments that may be applied. Once the granules are loose, the asphalt layer is exposed to the sun, leading to more rapid deterioration of the shingle.

1. Prevent the moss from ever growing with regular maintenance

In cases where the moss has already proliferated:

2. Physically removing the moss can often be carried out without significant damage to the shingles, but it depends on variables like how old and what type the shingles are. Removing the moss by pressure washing or brushing can be problematic because it pulls some of the granules with it.

3. Treat and leave. If you’re okay with how it looks, you can always leave the moss and let nature slowly work it off the roof. This is the healthiest option for the shingles, but doesn’t give you an instant clean look.

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