Clogged gutters can lead to serious damage to the exterior of the home, causing the facia board, soffit, roof decking, and rafter tails to rot. Repairing those structural elements can be much more costly than a simple gutter cleaning at least once per year.

We’re more than happy to do this nasty job for you. Ask us about moss and algae treatment/prevention options while you’re at it.

Some people ask about the benefits of installing gutter guards, or the type of gutters that are enclosed, preventing leaves from falling inside. While this can be beneficial in some ways, we’ve found that the benefits do not always outweigh the cost. They often don’t catch all the water in heavy downpours, and, depending on the types of surrounding trees, they can still fill up with particulate matter, causing clogs and a difficult time cleaning them out. The $50 on the lower end to $200 on the high end spent once a year on a cleaning would take many years to equal the cost of expensive “maintenance free” gutters. In most cases, you’re better off to just have them cleaned.

That said, if you really are interested in updating your gutter system, we’ll happily walk you through a cost/benefit analysis. If the investment is worth it to you, we will gladly help you get it done.

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